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Green environmental protection

Pure natural India import red brown,Durability is not afraid of water,Easy to dust,Cabinet and delicate,Replacing the traditional heavy broom

Quality of exported to Japan

90%The above products are exported to Japan,20Annual production and export experience,Quality service guaranteed。

Product comprehensive variety

Plastic hangers,Gardening wood products,Cleaning tools,To satisfy the customer's purchasing requirements。

To produce all kinds of accessories

With focus on production equipment,Can not only to control the production cost but also according to customer specified requirements of production。

ABOUT / About the double

Shengzhou double better daily products co., LTD. Is a focus on production of high-grade daily-use products,Has the self-management import and export power co., LTD;The company since its establishment,Existing20Years of export history。

The company is located in the wind, LAN yue opera in China——Zhejiang shengzhou, Factory covers an area of2Million square meters,The construction area1Thousands of square meters or more;Close to ningbo expressway around500M,From hangzhou xiaoshan international airport100Kilometers,The traffic is very convenient……

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The general manager:Qian Jihui

A mobile phone:13587357397
The phone(TEL):0086-575-83362809

Business contacts:Ren Xiaoqiong

The phone(TEL):0086-575-83362805

Company website:
CTP website:

The company address:Zhejiang shengzhou Huang Ze tenglong road industrial functional areas8Number

2015Years8Month27Day-29Day,Our company took part in2015International hardware and in Tokyo, JapanDIYThe exhibition,Met with a lot of new and old customers,Fill their carts! The fair by the Japanese metal industry association,Since1978To begin,Has been successfully held36The international trade ministry、Association of department stores、Many association's strong support chain association, etc,In Europe at the same time、Association of the United States and many other hardware support。Assemble all kinds of products,On behalf of the technical direction of the relevant industry and trends,Each big chain stores and importers to the exhibition every year plan,Negotiate orders,At the same time also attracts many European and American professional buyers。Tokyo international hardware show is all Japan and Asia's largest hardware tools exposition。As Japan's economy improved in an all-round way,The projected annual growth rate of5.3%,And imports was increasing,Especially the imports from Asia。For Chinese enterprises to participate in the exhibition is not a lot so participating Chinese business clinch a deal the effect is ideal,The price also is better,Most enterprises have said it would continue to exhibitors。The exhibition is each enterprise to foster new business,An ideal place for business to Japan and other countries。
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    Address:Zhejiang shengzhou Huang Ze tenglong road industrial functional areas8Number

    The hotline:0086-575-83362805 83362809 Fax:0086-575-83362806

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