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  • Seiko products Strong and durable
    Jiang cover(The red sea)-Quality service is the foundation of long-term cooperation

    We are equipped with processing200Tons of hot dip galvanized processing workshop。We select high-quality raw materials,After the screening,Short production cycle,Delivery speed is fast,Quality is reliable;

    We have three automatic production line for high speed steel grille plate welding press;Advanced advancedABBSteel grille and robot;

    We rely on advanced production testing equipment、The production of standard、Strict quality management,Ensure the product quality、High quality。

  • Widely used The installation is convenient
    Jiang cover(The red sea)-Quality service is the foundation of long-term cooperation

    Product application fields,A wide variety,Provide diversified customized products for customers of different industries。

    Variety,The quality is excellent,Exquisite workmanship,Strict material selection,More cost-effective。

    Many prominent customers successfully,For major customers solve a lot of problems in steel grille plate industry;

  • Specifications and customization Professional processing
    Jiang cover(The red sea)-Quality service is the foundation of long-term cooperation

    Specifications and diverse,Special specifications can be customized according to customer's request

    Planar、And tooth typeIType,There is 200 Multiple specifications varieties(According to the different using environment,On the surface of different inoculation it)

    With a variety of models to choose from to suit different span load and requirements

    To provide you with steel grille plate late prophase field measurement and installation guide services;

  • Professional pre-sales,Rest assured after-sales
    Jiang cover(The red sea)-Quality service is the foundation of long-term cooperation

    The experienced design team,Steel case board installation drawings for free with you;

    Professional technical team,Professional pre-sales consulting sales team,And thoughtful after-sales service team,Welcome to telephone to contact us to know。

    After-sales service timely follow up,Professional one-on-one customer service representative,Help customers solve problems。

  • 01The manufacturer directly
  • 02Many cooperation customers
  • 03Product variety is complete
  • 04Comprehensive after-sales service
Company profile

Company profileAbout us

     Anpingxian jiang cover(The red sea)Wire mesh manufacture co., LTD is located in the named“Chinese silk screen of the township”Hebei anpingxian,Is located in Beijing、Tianjin、Shijiazhuang triangle center,East beijing-kowloon railway10Kilometers,South from stone yellow high-speed highway25Kilometers,The north to the capital airport238Kilometers、Tianjin port248Kilometers,West from shijiazhuang airport90Kilometers,The traffic Convenient,Is very convenient。
    Jiang cover(The red sea)Hebei steel plate is a strip steel slitting、To the finished product pressure welding hot dip galvanized a full set of technology and large steel plate production enterprise,Consists of steel plate and hot dip galvanizing workshop production workshop。The main production equipment including double rod steel grid plate pressure resistance welding machine、Steel grating disc cutting saws、Steel seal、The twisting lever machine、The strip steel slitting machine,Pickling、Hot dip galvanized and other advanced production steel grating、Surface anti-corrosion treatment equipment,Facing the global sales of high quality in ChinaYB/T4001.1-2007The standard and the United StatesANSI/NAAMM(MBG531-88)Standard and related international standards of steel plate。
    Our company main products are steel grating、Stainless steel case board、Composite steel grating、Step plate、Ditch cover plate、Manhole covers、Grille fence, etc。According to customer special requirements for production of tooth shape、IType and other different kinds of products。Surface treatment of hot dip galvanizing、Spray paint、Jinsu、Heavy anti-corrosion technology, etc。Can also according to the requirements for field measurement、The drawing、CADDesign、Installation, etc。Products are widely used in electric power、Chemical industry、Smelting steel structure platform,The oil、Natural gas、Boiler equipment,The city、Port drainage,Cigarette factories condole top,Sewage treatment plant of corridor,Large stereoscopic parking lot、Carwash and other kinds of industrial construction projects.....

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